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K9 Nose Work® Classes are now held in
TWO locations across Michigan

LANSING - Annabelle's
WEST LANSING - Doggy Day Care & Spa

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Current Classes

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Introduction to K9 Nose Work® -
Sniff Your Way to Confidence!

In Intro to K9 Nose Work®, Angie, a sanctioned Certified K9 Nose Work® Instructor (CNWI) will teach the initial foundational skills to enable your dog to discover and enhance the natural hunt drive and have fun, play, and build their curiosity and confidence. You and your dog will strengthen your bond utilizing the natural desire to hunt and find and burn energy, both mentally and physically. The primary goal is fun! Where dogs get to be dogs. Dogs work independently of each other and with their team handler. This class is for any type of dog, regardless of breed, size or temperament, and is great for dogs that are shy or reactive around other dogs and/or people, dogs with social or situational anxiety preventing them from joining typical training classes, dogs with hearing or sight impairments, or even those who are retired working dogs in need of a "job" to keep them busy and happy. Bring lots of soft/easy to swallow treats and/or toys.

Advanced K9 Nose Work®

Advanced K9 Nose Work® continues the foundational concepts learned in Intro to K9 Nose Work® and takes the game to a new and more fun level, increasing dogs' natural scenting abilities and their desire to hunt by increasing the intricacy of the game. Uses problem solving techniques and games by raising the height of the "hide" (treat) and teaching the dogs to hunt with distractions and new locations. The primary goal is fun! Where dogs get to be dogs. Dogs work independently of each other and with their team
handler. Bring lots of soft/east to swallow treats and/or toys. Locations may be offsite. Completion Intro to K9 Nose Work® required.

Intro To Odor - Bring On The Birch!


Introduction to Odor introduces the essential oil Birch, utilizes the foundation principles of K9 Nose Work® the dogs learned in Intro & Advanced K9 Nose Work®, and provides the skills for competition if the owner so chooses. Dogs will conduct box drills, indoor searches and introduction to outdoor searches while continuing the fun and confidence building the dogs have so enjoyed.
Completion of Advanced K9 Nose Work® required. Bring treats and toys

Vehicles and Exteriors

In this class dogs and their handlers are introduced to vehicle searches and exterior searches using the essential oil Birch.  Dogs will learn how to search a vehicle and conduct exterior searches as well as the way odor moves with the wind and on certain materials.  Completion of Intro to Odor required.


Continuing Odor I

In this class, dogs and their handlers apply what they learned in Intro to Odor and will do interior searches, threshold work, corners and raised hides. Dogs will learn how to search a room, problem solve corner hides as well as raised hides and threshold work. Teams will learn the way odor moves within a room, bounces off walls and objects as well as the intricacy of corners. Competition procedures will also be discussed for those who wish to continue in this amazing new urban sport! Completion of Vehicle and Exteriors required.


Continuing Odor II

In Continuing Odor II dogs and their handlers will be getting ready for trial by applying what they learned in Continuing Odor I and Vehicles & Exteriors. Dogs will do exterior searches, multiple vehicle searches, interior searches, and containers in order to prepare them for competition. Dogs will learn how to search a room more efficiently, work thresholds and corner hides, learn how odor moves with multiple vehicles as well as the challenges of exterior searches. More detailed competition procedures will be discussed for those who wish to compete in this amazing new urban sport! Completion of Continuing Odor I and Vehicle & Exteriors required.