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About Angie


For nearly 15 years, Angie Falcsik has been professionally dedicated to the training, rehabilitation, and rescue of dogs. But the roles of trainer, rescuer, and rehabilitator have been a large part of her life since she was a child. Angie's life-long passion and the goal of her professional career is to educate people regarding responsible dog ownership and the realities involved in being a responsible dog owner. Angie has been working with Animal Control agencies and shelters for many years and has offered expert advice and testimony in animal abuse and neglect cases. Angie has been professionally training dogs since 2002 and is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. Through her classes, private in-home training, and rescue work, she has trained hundreds of dogs. In her own home alone, she has fostered and trained over 350 dogs!

Angie's unique obedience class (Language and Leadership) focuses on pack leadership, body language, and positive reinforcement. Her classes involve training the owner and family members and rehabilitating the dog. Angie's method uses body language as well as voice commands to develop and establish an appropriate relationship between owner and dog. If your dog is not listening to you, chances are, your dog does not have sufficient respect for you. Angie will teach you how to become a pack leader and earn the necessary respect so that following your lead becomes second nature to your dog.

In Angie's class, you will learn the importance of pack leadership, establishing rules and boundaries, along with an exercise regimen, and how to implement these essential aspects of responsible dog ownership into your lives. You and your dog will also learn basic obedience such as heel, sit, wait, down, and come, as well as additional training/rehabilitation measures that are specific to your dog and family. While some basic training is essential for all dogs, Angie believes that not every technique works or is appropriate for every dog and family. Each dog and family is unique and Angie's training philosophy and methods are designed to address and work with different family/dog situations and living styles.