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Prior to attending our first class with Angie, my 1 year old Aussie and I had participated in obedience classes with another trainer where she had received excellent training and we had established a good foundation for her to grow on. What first appealed to me about Angie’s class was the title – “K9 Language and Leadership” After reading the description of the class I knew this would be something that would benefit both myself and my dog. Her class really added to the knowledge I had gained in earlier training and introduced me to the importance of understanding how body language influences your dog and their responses. We have taken both Angie’s Basic and Advanced K9 Language and Leadership classes and I cannot tell you how much these classes have added to my awareness of my emotional state and body language and how my dog responds to me. She was excellent at providing individual feedback as well and making suggestions to improve your working relationship with your dog and always did so in a constructive and positive manner. She never made you feel like you were doing something wrong. Another area that Angie has been a huge asset for me is helping with my dog and her leash aggression. Unfortunately my Aussie has had 3 negative experiences with other dogs – her first one being at 4 months old when another dog bit her and broke open her eyelid. She seemed to recover from this event but after the 2nd attack at a dog park I started to worry that she had been scared by these events and had noticed that her behavior had changed in certain environments. I discussed this with Angie and she suggested BAT (Behavior Adjustment Training) Training and agreed to work with us. We have had two sessions to date and in the first session Angie noticed right away a signal my Aussie was displaying that I never gave any thought to. Now after just two sessions Angie has taught me so much and it has really helped me to ensure that I set my Aussie up for success when we are out for a walk. By no means are we done with training but Angie has been instrumental in helping us work through her anxiety. Angie is fantastic to work with and I would highly recommend any one of her classes and if you are in need of assistance to help with a reactive dog she is the one to work with. She really has a passion for what she does and it shines through in her training.
Elizabeth Duncan
February 2012

Muse, Melody and I love Nose work with Angie! Muse is a 2-year-old deaf/blind Great Dane. She loves doing Nosework. I was looking for an activity that would help Muse develop her sense of smell. Since we started I’ve noticed Muse gaining greater confidence. Muse is now learning odor and doing fantastic. Nosework gives her a challenge and lets her use her strongest sense in a positive and fun way.
Melody is an 18-month-old Great Dane and Muse’s housemate. Melody enjoys nosework tremendously. It has given her a constructive way to use her mind and burn off some of her puppy energy. Since beginning nosework with Melody I’ve noticed that she is less destructive and more focused. I love having an activity that we can do that engages her mind.
Delores, Muse and Melody
Loki is my 9-month-old Great Dane pup. Great Dane pups have enormous bodies powered by puppy brains. Angie helped me learn to work with Loki to overcome some of his bad puppy behavior, setting us up for a lifetime of working together as a team. Angie stresses the human/canine interaction by teaching her students to work as a team. Even though I’ve been through Angie’s obedience class with another one of my dogs, I always learn something new from Angie. She showed me how to connect with Loki and how to be a good leader. Thanks Angie!
Delores and Loki

I have had dogs most of my life, and have done the "basic" training myself. Usually that would last for a little while, but there were always issues that would pop up- especially the fact that I was NEVER successful in training the "come, down or stay" commands. This all changed for me when I brought a chocolate lab/german shepherd mix named Kassie into my life and found that I was totally out of my league with training! I called Angie and she came to my house and did an initial assessment. Kassie was an Alpha dog-go figure! Angie caters her training to each individual dog-it is not one size fits all. She is patient, firm and kind and she explains to us (usually the ones that are being trained!) the meaning behind so much of what needs to be done. She is a great person and a great trainer. I still call her with questions that might pop up and she always has time to talk to me an answer my question. Kassie graduated her class and became a canine good citizen. I trust her and can take her anywhere, on or off lead. I know that this would not have been the case without Angie's guidance and teaching. I confidently recommend Angie to anyone I know who is looking for a trainer or who has a problem dog. She is wonderful!
- Amberlee McCloud

I took my dog, Dillon to Angie's obedience class. Due to the excellent foundation he got there, Dillon is now a registered therapy dog.
- Jennifer Good

My dog Bella and I have taken several classes with Angie, but Billy, my 8-year-old boxer mix, had never been to any class anywhere. I thought her K9 Language and Leadership would be a good place to start with him. Unfortunately, he would not go up or down stairs except to get in and out of our house, so he wouldn’t be able to go into the basement at AnnaBelle’s. When I told her, Angie said ‘No problem.’ Because I have so much confidence in her, I signed up. Sure enough, with her guidance, suggestions, and assistance, Billy was going down the stairs for class within a minute or two. After that, he never hesitated to go up or down.
Over a year ago, my dog Bella and I took Angie’s K9 Tracking Class. We moved on to the Scent/Nosework classes and are now taking Odor class. The experience has been unbelievably rewarding. I already had a good relationship with Bella, but we have gotten closer and she has become even more responsive over the last year. We both love class and Angie knows just how to increase the challenges.
Angie is dedicated to helping dogs and their people learn to live together in happy, healthy environment. She goes above and beyond expectations in and outside class. Angie knows dogs and their people!

- Rebecca Stimson

Angie Falcsik began assisting at my dog obedience classes in 2000. She had a natural way with dogs. She took to dog training very quickly and showed a true affection for dogs. She was a quick study and I certified her in 2003 as a trainer. Angie was especially good at evaluating dogs problems.
She branched out in 2003 to train on her own. She has learned a great deal since first coming to me in 2000, including understanding that each dog has its own unique way of learning and being able to identify what that is. Angie has continued to train dogs using the methods she learned while assisting me. She lets a dog's temperament and body language help her determine the best way to get the most out of a dog and the owners relationship.
Angie and I remain in contact with each other, and I am always at her disposal to discuss whatever challenges that may present themselves when she is training.
- Hector L. Hernandez, First Class Dog Training

My husband and I adopted a 2 year old Doberman from a shelter with little knowledge of his background. He was a handful and obviously not trained. Within minutes, he responded to Angie's training methods. It was not long before she had taken a wild, rambunctious animal and turned him into a calm, obedient dog. He is now obedient, graceful and well behaved, a true pleasure to walk! We are so proud of his obedience and Angie's super natural abilities to train any dog - and people! Not only did our dog learn from her guidance and training, but my husband and I learned as well. We are truly impressed with her skills!
- Erin R.

I fostered a Shelter dog who came to me because he was skittish and timid. I saw Angie's Intro to Scent Class and how scenting is particularly good for just this type of dog. Pistol Pete, my foster, and I had no idea what to expect and were blown away by how fun it was. Pistol Pete's tail never stopped wagging - he was a whole new confident dog during the exercises/games. It also helped a bit with his separation anxiety. At first, he would worry when he had to wait in a different room for his turn. By the third class, he knew the temporary separation meant only good things. It is also a great class for handlers to learn new skills in leash handling.
- Susan Steinke

Angie clearly is skilled and passionate about the human animal bond as that is the foundation of her classes. She uses progressive tools and techniques and when needed goes beyond the call of duty by researching or consulting with others to find a way to improve any behavior situation. Rocky LOVED the scent classes especially since he gets bored with standard obedience type experiences. Shamu enjoyed a weekend seminar as well despite being a puppy head. Angie also extends her training to shelter animals at the Ingham County Animal Control. We learned so much and look forward to more!
- Maria VandenBoom

I was not sure what to expect with this class. I was apprehensive about bringing my dog to an advanced class after just having gone through obedience training - but with Angie’s tutelage, he did wonderfully - this class was an absolute blast! I’m not sure who had more fun - me or my dog. I can say this - it certainly was entertaining and great enrichment for my dog. I am so pleased to have participated in this class and have taken away from it something new and entertaining that both of us will continue to use in the future. I highly recommend taking your dog to this class - even if your dog doesn’t prove to be a "tracker" - it is a lot of fun and good stimulation for your dog. I can’t stop telling everyone about it!!!
- Erin Riggs

My hound mix Bella and I took Angie’s Track and Trail class held at Woldumar this summer, and we both learned a lot! Angie really understands dogs and knows how to pace a class so everyone gets what they need. She saw right away that Bella had some natural talent and adapted the exercises to challenge her. In just a couple of hours, we had a new activity Bella and I could do together. All it takes is some clothes that smell like you, a long line, and some special toy or treats. We are excited about our next Track and Trail adventures with Angie!
- Becky Stimson

Attending Angie’s class with my female Springer Spaniel pup taught me how to show her I was in charge, not her. My Springer is adorable and affectionate but loves being in control which played havoc in our household. Angie taught me leadership skills so that I would have an obedient and confident dog. Putting into practice what I learned through her class and in-home training has resulted in a dog I am able to walk thru a park off leash, a dog who watches to see what I want her to do, and a dog who everyone enjoys being around. I look forward to taking additional classes from Angie, as I’ve found that keeping my dog challenged with new activities/skills increases her good behavior.
- LuAnn Camp

I entered the two day workshop with my 14 month old pitbull Fiona and the question everybody asks me is "What could you possibly learn in two days?" We’ve walked our neighborhood for months and although she listened well to me there was always an air of "I’m just here dragging you around or you’re dragging me around and hopefully after some of this crazy fighting of the leash we might arrive someplace fun." After Angie’s class I notice that Fiona’s eyes are glued to me, waiting for my direction and now each stroll we take around the block could be considered the fun part. Our class had four participants and Angie has an uncanny knack for honing in on each handlers weaknesses while at the same time commending them on their strengths so as to not discourage them. I’ve attended several obedience classes in the past and discovered how sensitive some people can be to certain criticisms. When a dog owner isn’t willing to listen and accept that "sometimes we are reason our dogs are so unruly" it’s sad when those people drag their dogs away never to return to the class. Angie doesn’t make you feel that way at all and I was glad that she took hold of Fiona and walked her around for a moment and experienced the powerful strength my girl was exhibiting. Changing to a different collar made a world of difference and although I’ve used this collar in the past it never occurred to me to use it with Fiona. So what could you possibly learn in two days? It would seem... LOTS!! Even things you already knew. She subtly tweaked things you were doing, that for some reason or another weren’t quite working for you and after incorporating those changes I know Fiona walked away feeling pretty proud of herself. I felt an equal amount of the class time was spent on each participant and I personally gained a great deal of knowledge listening to her instructing the others.
- Shawn and Fiona the Pip Monster